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Tips Every Piano Beginner Should Know

If you have the time, you should go through the history and inventions of pianos. The more the knowledge you have about the piano the better you will be.

Always work with a certified instructor

Whether taking piano online or in a physical location, always ensure that you work with a certified instructor. When it comes to the online lessons, always ensure that you get them from a reputable online company. Even if you do not need the certificate that you get from the instructor, by getting the lessons from a certified professional you are sure you are getting the best knowledge thus chances are high that they will be great.

Have a strict precise schedule

One of the major reasons why people don’t learn piano as fast as they should is because they don’t have a practice schedule. Most of the people are excited when the lessons start but within a short time the excitement wears off. What used to be a daily practice session becomes a weekly affair. This slacking can go on until a person stops practicing.

For you to be great in piano, you should have a strict practicing schedule. If you decide to be practicing daily, ensure that you do it unless situations force you not to. Sometimes you can feel that you want to practice longer hours than you are used to. When this happens, take breaks. As rule of thumb, you should avoid practicing several hours in a row as you risk suffering from burn out.

Criticize yourself

As a beginner, you will definitely make plenty of mistakes but with time you will be good. For you to sharpen your skills you need to be a good critic of yourself. When playing the piano you should always compare good music to yours. You should criticize your style, rhythm, tempo and other aspects of your playing. After criticizing yourself always strive to be a great piano player.

Make it fun

Just like anything else, you need to make piano playing fun for you to enjoy doing it. One of the best ways of making if fun to learn to play the piano is to come up with a game. For example, you can give yourself a treat every time you progress to a higher level. This will keep you motivated so that you can go on with the other levels and at the same time have fun doing it.