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Tips Every Piano Beginner Should Know

If you have the time, you should go through the history and inventions of pianos. The more the knowledge you have about the piano the better you will be.

Always work with a certified instructor

Whether taking piano online or in a physical location, always ensure that you work with a certified instructor. When it comes to the online lessons, always ensure that you get them from a reputable online company. Even if you do not need the certificate that you get from the instructor, by getting the lessons from a certified professional you are sure you are getting the best knowledge thus chances are high that they will be great.

Have a strict precise schedule

One of the major reasons why people don’t learn piano as fast as they should is because they don’t have a practice schedule. Most of the people are excited when the lessons start but within a short time the excitement wears off. What used to be a daily practice session becomes a weekly affair. This slacking can go on until a person stops practicing.

For you to be great in piano, you should have a strict practicing schedule. If you decide to be practicing daily, ensure that you do it unless situations force you not to. Sometimes you can feel that you want to practice longer hours than you are used to. When this happens, take breaks. As rule of thumb, you should avoid practicing several hours in a row as you risk suffering from burn out.

Criticize yourself

As a beginner, you will definitely make plenty of mistakes but with time you will be good. For you to sharpen your skills you need to be a good critic of yourself. When playing the piano you should always compare good music to yours. You should criticize your style, rhythm, tempo and other aspects of your playing. After criticizing yourself always strive to be a great piano player.

Make it fun

Just like anything else, you need to make piano playing fun for you to enjoy doing it. One of the best ways of making if fun to learn to play the piano is to come up with a game. For example, you can give yourself a treat every time you progress to a higher level. This will keep you motivated so that you can go on with the other levels and at the same time have fun doing it.

Why Would You Learn Piano Online? Because It’s the Best Decision!

If you could go back in time and do one thing, what would it be? I know for me, a world renowned pianist, it would have to be to have started learning piano when I was a lot younger and sticking at it. Piano is the basis for all music. Once it is learned, you can truly achieve anything. Studies have proven that learning music stimulates the brain, allowing you to achieve and learn things at a much more efficient rate.

But where would I go to learn piano!

There are many places to learn piano but the best are offered online. This is for many reasons which will be outlined further below.

The reason why I most recommend to learn piano online is that they are cheap, stress free, you can learn anywhere and the best of yet they are stress free!

But why would I learn piano online rather than hiring a tutor?

As said before, there are many answers to this. The first, learning online saves valuable time and money, cutting back on travelling and preparation time. Second, you can learn in your own home. Nothing can beat that! And third, there is no stress put on you by tutors and trying to play to their standards. When learning at home online, you can do the training at your own rate, cutting back on the un-necessary stress. The best courses online offer video, audio, diagrams and text that will help you learn the basics and keep you motivated.

Here is some background information on the wonderful piano:

  • A piano has 88 black and white keys (52 white and 36 black)
  • The piano strings are sounded when the keys are pressed and silenced when they are released.
  • Pianos were developed in the early 18th century. Wow that’s a long time a go!
  • The best music artists all know how to play piano. It is a foundation to loving and learning music.

For those of you that do not know, Mozart is one of the most successful and influential classical pianists. He was a child prodigy that picked up the instrument when he was a very young age after his father deemed him from playing at that age and his sister had only just started learning.

Mozart travelled all over the discovered world playing piano for important figures and helping his family until he soon sadly died from a regular and ordinary sickness but did not have the medication to heal him.

6 Benefits Of Learning How To Play The Piano

You have a better mental well-being

According to scientists, playing music promotes brain health as you have to be creative. For a long time, there had been theories that playing music led to higher intelligence levels. This is no longer the case. Researchers have been able to prove that playing an instrument increases one’s IQ. Practicing the piano also sharpens hand-eye coordination, hones your memorization skills and enhances the ability of your brain to think creatively.

Learning to play the piano improves your self-esteem

I’m sure you have been able to do something that you had always wanted to do. You must also have completed a given project. I bet you have always felt good about yourself after completing the project, right? The same thing applies to learning how to play the piano. When you learn something new you have a sense of self-worth which helps you to be productive in other areas of your life.

The piano will help you to be a star

Learning how to play the piano might not make you rich and famous but it will enable you to perform at a stage or at home before your friends and family. Having the ability to play the most popular songs will give you a lot of admiration from your close family members and friends.

Learning the piano is easy

Compared to other instruments, the piano is easy to learn how to play. For example, when you are looking to learn how to play the flute or clarinet, you have to memorize plenty of finger positions for every note. To play the piano all you need to do is memorize a few chords and you are good to go. As mentioned, you don’t have to attend a physical class to learn as you can learn piano online.

The piano helps you to relieve stress

For a long time music has been associated with stress reduction. Most of us after a long day we want to sit next to the radio or music player and listen to our favorite songs. When you are a piano player you get to play your own music which helps you more with the stress reduction as you get to play what you want.

Learning how to play the piano is fun

Once you have made the decision to learn to play the piano it means that you enjoy doing it. Just like anything else that you enjoy doing, you have fun playing the piano. When you do something that you enjoy doing you have a better outlook on life thus you become more productive.


There is no other better time to learn how to play the piano than now. With the coming of the piano online lessons you have no reason not to learn. All you need to do is ensure that you learn from reputable instructors.