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5 Tips for Music Teachers to Get More Students Online

Are you a free-lance music teacher and wondering how you can get more students online to learn piano lessons, violin lessons, cello lessons etc? Do you know some of the ways to make yourself more visible on the internet? Below are 5 easy tips on how you can reach out and attract more potential students to join you!

1. Social media – There are various social media platforms and you should definitely get yourself registered in most if not all of them. The more common ones being Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest. Another useful professional social network will be LinkedIn. Do make sure that your profile is up to date. Be proactive and increase your visibility by connecting yourself to the professional groups such as piano teachers group or violin teachers’ network.

2. Free profile listing on online portals – Some music agencies offers portals which allows you to market yourself to the students interested in music lessons by displaying information about yourself to the public. Information such as biography, credentials, lesson rates, available schedules are made available and displayed to public. These portals not only increase the transparency between students and music teachers but also minimize the time required for clarification. What’s more, its free advertisement!

3. Good Photos and videos – Pictures speak a thousand words. Many of the social media and portals allow you to upload photos and videos. Take a good photo of yourself playing the instrument that you are teaching. In some of the profile listing on online portals, they allow you to upload videos. Make a professional clip on your drum lessons or clarinet lessons and upload them onto video sharing websites such as Vimeo and YouTube. You can then insert these links when you create your profile listing.

4. Free classified advertisement – Another free marketing that you should definitely consider is to post your advertisement on free classified sites. Some good examples will be Locanto and Gumtree. Make your advertisement catchy by using keywords that tells students what musical instruments you are teaching, your experience and your preferred teaching locations.

5. Own website – If budget allows, it will be a good idea to create your own website. You can consider having a blog as one of your webpages and periodically update it with useful articles to feature some of the lessons that you have conducted and achievements that you have help your students with. Having a good website could set you back by a few hundred dollars.